Cinnamon Waffle Recipe

Cinnamon Waffle Recipe

This cinnamon waffle recipe is our hands down favorite breakfast. The cinnamon gives it an extra cozy, warm flavor. Coziness = Happiness? Denmark and Sweden consistently rank among the happiest countries in the world. Some might argue that this is because they have excellent social services – universal health insurance, free education, and paternity leave. … Read more

A Scone Recipe Requiring No Egg

A Scone Without Egg

Craving scones but short an egg or two? Have egg allergies but still craving the best tasting scones? We’re here to help you out with a delicious, fluffy scone recipe with no egg, requiring just a few simple ingredients. Casting Scone Aspersions The internet is full of bloggers casting scone aspersions. Obviously, this is better … Read more

Maui’s Best Banana Bread

Maui Banana Bread Recipe

Vacation in a pan alert! This Maui banana bread recipe will transport you to the lush island, without the expensive planefare. A Short History of Hawaiian Banana Bread Culinary historians believe that Polynesian explorers first brought bananas to Hawaii. Bananas, along with taro, sweet potatoes, and breadfruit, and fish, were the primary food staples in … Read more

Best Fudgy Banana Brownies Recipe

Banana Brownies Recipe

This banana brownies recipe swirls fudgy chocolate brownie with rich banana bread. Perfect for those days when you just can’t decide! A Short History of Chocolate and Bananas Chocolate and banana are a classic flavor combination. The slight bitterness in dark chocolate perfectly offsets the creamy sweetness of the bananas. We may owe this delicious … Read more

Gluten Free Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

These gluten free pumpkin oatmeal cookies are so darn healthy that we like to eat them for breakfast. Healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies With the exception of a small handful of chocolate chips and a little bit of brown sugar, these gluten pumpkin chocolate chip cookies consist almost entirely of wholesome ingredients. They are a fall … Read more

Overnight Oat Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe

Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe

This gluten free pancakes recipe probably won’t win any prizes in the looks department. It makes up for it in the flavor (oaty and sweet) and texture (crunchy exterior and creamy interior) departments. Not Your (Scottish) Grandma’s Oatcakes The thought of oats and pancakes may recall the tooth-breakingly tough Scottish oatcakes. However, this recipe will … Read more