Nutella Amaretti Sandwich Cookies

bakery style italian amaretti cookies recipe

What’s better than a bakery style Italian amaretti cookies recipe? One that involves sandwiching said chewy amaretti cookies with nutella, obviously. A Short History of Amaretti Cookies There are two conflcting tales surrounding the origins of amaretti cookies. A more romantic version tells of the arrival of a bishop to the town of Saronno in … Read more

Torta Caprese: Chocolate Italian Almond Cake Recipe

Italian almond cake recipe

Perhaps the most famous Italian almond cake recipe is the torta caprese, named after the beautiful Adriatic isle of Capri. About This Recipe This flourless gluten-free chocolate almond cake is traditionally made with equal portions of butter, sugar, and almond meal. It is lightened with egg whites, creating a fudgy and moist – yet surprisingly … Read more