German Waffle Recipe

german waffle recipe

This German waffle recipe produces a waffle that is sweet enough for an afternoon snack or dessert. Don’t let that stop you from eating one for breakfast, though! About this German Waffle Recipe The German version of waffles seems distinguished from its many counterparts (French, Belgian, American and other) in that it relies on solid … Read more

Waffles A La Elvis: A Peanut Butter Waffle Recipe

Peanut Butter Waffle Recipe

This peanut butter waffle recipe, which tastes best topped with sliced bananas, is dedicated to Elvis, who loved peanut butter unconditionally. This easy breakfast recipe comes together quickly with just a few simple ingredients. A Short History of Elvis and Peanut Butter While some might remember Elvis for his music, or his hip-swinging dance moves, … Read more

Gluten Free Waffle Recipe

Gluten Free Waffle Recipe

Craving a waffle but can’t handle the gluten? Good news! We’re here to help you out with this gluten free waffle recipe. We’re using home-made oat flour and corn starch, rather than the all-purpose flour, to make fluffy waffles with a crispy exterior. With a few simple ingredients (hold the coconut sugar, brown rice flour, … Read more

Norwegian Sour Cream Waffle Recipe

sour cream waffle recipe

This sour cream waffle recipe will elevate your waffle experience. The addition of sour cream gives these waffles an extra tender texture and delicious tang. About this Norwegian Sour Cream Waffle Recipe In Norway, waffles are typically eaten in the afternoon as a snack, perhaps after a strenuous trek through the frozen woods or some … Read more

Best Chocolate Chip Waffle Recipe

chocolate chip waffle recipe

There isn’t much of a secret to this chocolate chip waffles recipe. Simply combine our favorite classic buttermilk waffles recipe with chocolate chips for the perfect fluffy waffles studded with melty chocolate chips. This is an all-time favorite breakfast in our house. A Short History of Chocolate Chips In modern baking, we sometimes take chocolate … Read more

A Waffle Recipe With Applesauce

waffle recipe with applesauce

This waffle recipe with applesauce relies on a classic baking swap, replacing some of the oil and all of the eggs with applesauce. Despite the lack of eggs and oil, this recipe produces surprisingly fluffy waffles that aren’t too sweet. A Short History of Applesauce and Canning Cooks have relied on apples to add sweetness … Read more

A Waffle Recipe Without Milk

Waffle Recipe Without Milk

We are such waffle fanatics in our house that we understand that sometimes you may need to make homemade waffles under extenuating circumstances. For example, you may be craving a waffle, but may have run out of milk. Or, you may have a dairy allergy. None of these things should prevent you from enjoying a … Read more

Cinnamon Waffle Recipe

Cinnamon Waffle Recipe

This cinnamon waffle recipe is our hands down favorite breakfast. The cinnamon gives it an extra cozy, warm flavor. Coziness = Happiness? Denmark and Sweden consistently rank among the happiest countries in the world. Some might argue that this is because they have excellent social services – universal health insurance, free education, and paternity leave. … Read more

Nutella Swirl Waffle Recipe

What’s better than a crunchy, tender waffle? One with Nutella swirled through it, obviously. This Nutella waffle recipe comes together quickly for an easy, indulgent weekend breakfast. A Short History of Nutella Nutella, like so many great inventions, emerged from scarcity. In 1806, Napoleon’s continental system prevented British goods from entering French-controlled ports, putting cocoa … Read more

Crispy Swedish Waffles

Swedish waffle recipe

Swedes love waffles so much that they devoted an entire day to them. There are not one, but two strands of Swedish waffle recipe types. Waffle lovers, unite! A Short History of Waffles Waffles were invented in the middle ages. By the 18th century, people loved waffles so much that cookbooks began to identify types … Read more