Nutella Swirl Waffle Recipe

What’s better than a crunchy, tender waffle? One with Nutella swirled through it, obviously. This Nutella waffle recipe comes together quickly for an easy, indulgent weekend breakfast. A Short History of Nutella Nutella, like so many great inventions, emerged from scarcity. In 1806, Napoleon’s continental system prevented British goods from entering French-controlled ports, putting cocoa … Read more

Crispy Swedish Waffles

Swedish waffle recipe

Swedes love waffles so much that they devoted an entire day to them. There are not one, but two strands of Swedish waffle recipe types. Waffle lovers, unite! A Short History of Waffles Waffles were invented in the middle ages. By the 18th century, people loved waffles so much that cookbooks began to identify types … Read more

Malted Waffle Recipe

Malted Waffle Recipe

This recipe relies on malted milk powder to deliver sweet, rich flavor and golden brown waffles with an extra crunchy exterior. A Short History of Malted Milk Powder The Horlicks brothers invented malted milk powder in 1873. They had emigrated from England to Wisconsin. Malted milk consists of a grain, typically barley, that has been … Read more

Homemade Strawberry Waffles Recipe

Strawberry Waffles Recipe

This homemade strawberry waffles recipe relies on a quick stovetop strawberry jam to concentrate the strawberry flavor. The result are crispy waffles, studded with a gooey strawberry deliciousness. The Ins and Outs of Stovetop Strawberry Jam While the extra step of cooking the fresh strawberries on the stove may seem a bit absurd, it concentrates … Read more

Gaufres: Best French Waffles Recipe

French Waffles Recipe

This French waffles recipe is much eggier and lighter than the Belgian version. A Short History of Waffles in the United States Waffles were common throughout Europe beginning in the Middle Ages, and came to North American with the first Dutch immigrants. A rising wave of waffle popularity peaked when Thomas Jefferson returned from his … Read more

Gluten-Free Mochi Waffle Recipe

Mochi Waffle Recipe

Have you ever wished you could enjoy your mochi in steaming, crunchy, waffle form? Well, your wish is our command! A Short History of this Mochi Waffle Recipe Unlike the 2021 television production Mochi + Waffle, this recipe does not feature cute puppets and Michelle Obama. However, like Mochi + Waffle, this recipe received rave … Read more

The Best Brussels Waffle Recipe

Brussels Waffle Recipe

Want to make homemade belgian waffles without baking powder? Try this brussels waffle recipe, which relies on yeast and sparkling water as a leavening agent, instead. A Short History of this Brussels Waffle Recipe The history of waffles in Belgium is long and illustrious. The first written mention of waffles can be dated back to … Read more