Stamped Brownie Cookies: Best of the Chocolate Cookie Recipes With Cocoa Powder

Chocolate Cookie Recipes With Cocoa Powder

We love chocolate cookie recipes with cocoa powder. You can satisfy your chocolate craving without the mess and fuss of melting chocolate (or, in our case, occasionally scalding chocolate in the microwave). This chocolate cookie recipe also wins extra points for cuteness. These chewy chocolate cookies can be topped with a vanilla or peppermint flavored … Read more

What’s the Best Gingerbread Cookie Frosting Recipe?

gingerbread cookie frosting recipe

What’s the best gingerbread cookie frosting recipe? We have a hard time choosing between royal icing and a simple glaze. Here are both recipes, along with our favorite soft gingerbread cookie recipe. A Short History of Gingerbread Gingerbread’s origins can be traced back to Ancient Greece. Gingerbread’s association with holiday baking seems to date to … Read more

Marshmallow Cookie Recipe

Marshmallow Cookie Recipe

This marshmallow cookie recipe throws some luscious marshmallows into your favorite chocolate chip cookies. The result is a chewy cookie, studded with chocolate, with a gooey center courtesy of the melted marshmallow. The best thing about these cookies is that they require only a handful of basic ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. … Read more

French Pear Tart Recipe

Pear Tart Recipe

This French pear tart recipe look beautiful and festive. The pears rest in an almond filling (also known as frangipani), which sets off their delicate flavor beautifully. Who and What is Frangipani? We did a deep dive into Marquis Muzio of Frangipane. He seems to have been either a renowned general, or a man with … Read more

Cranberry Pound Cake Recipe

cranberry pound cake recipe

This fresh cranberry pound cake recipe is a perfect way to kick off your holiday season. A Short History of Cranberries and Cranberry Cakes Cranberries are native to the Northeast of the United States. The Naragansett people used the berries as food, medicine, and dye. When Dutch and English colonists arrived to New England, they … Read more

Jam Thumbprint Almond Flour Cookie Recipe

almond flour cookie recipe

This delicious almond flour cookie recipe will keep in an airtight container for several days. These soft cookies are dedicated to all of our friends with gluten allergies and pots of leftover jam in their fridge. Please don’t assume that gluten free cookie recipes with almond flour are healthy, however. Take a look at the … Read more