What is the Best Cookie Scoop?

Monster Cookie Recipe

Are you like us? Do you spend every day pondering different cookie varieties? Are you scooping cookies in your dreams? In that case, you definitely deserve (and need!) the best cookie scoops around. Why Do I Need a Cookie Scoop? Emerson is often quoted as having said “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”. … Read more

What Temperature to Cook Pancakes On Stove and Other Key Pancake Questions & Tips

Sweet Cream Pancake Recipes

We are really more bakers than cooks, and pancakes are our Achilles heel. We struggle with the unpredictability of the open flame (give us an oven any day!). There’s nothing more disappointing than tough pancakes, or to discover that you’ve burnt the surface of the pancakes but the middle of the pancakes is raw. So, … Read more

Top 7 Criteria in Buying a New Eco Friendly Waffle Maker

Eco Friendly Waffle Maker

Still using that waffle maker your mom gave you in 1990? Bad news – it’s releasing toxic fumes. Good news, it’s now time to buy a new eco friendly waffle maker! A waffle maker, like so many kitchen appliances, represents a significant investment of both money and storage space. A well-made waffle maker will last … Read more

10 Best Gifts For Bakers

Best Gifts for Bakers

Want to up your sugar intake by giving the gift of awesome tools to a baker in your life? Or, are you a baker who needs to subtly tell friends and family what to get you? Here are our recommendations for the best gifts for bakers. Sharing is caring, so if anything here strikes your … Read more