Poffertjes: A Mini Dutch Pancakes Recipe

Mini Dutch Pancakes Recipe

Do you prefer your pancakes petite and puffy? This mini Dutch pancakes recipe is for you. A Short History of Poffertjes At some point, Catholic monks in Southern Holland decided that those dry communion wafers just weren’t cutting it. We’re going to guess at some time around the Reformation, when there may have been some … Read more

Pannekoek: A South African Pancake Recipe

South African Pancake Recipe

This South African Pancake Recipe produces delicious thin pancakes that are a bit like a cross between French crepes and American pancakes. A Short History of the Pannekoek Pannekoek are the obvious descendants of Pannenkoek, or a Dutch pancake (not to be confused with a Dutch baby). Pannekoek clearly arrived in South Africa with the … Read more

Ube Pancake Recipe

Ube Pancake Recipe

This easy ube pancake recipe takes all of the sweet earthy deliciousness of ube and packs it into pancake form. What is Ube? Ube is a bright purple yam native to southeast Asia. It has a slightly sweet earthy flavor. It is sometimes confused with taro root, a similar-hued tuber, but taro is less sweet … Read more

Pancake Recipe With Evaporated Milk

Pancake Recipe with Evaporated Milk

Most pancake recipes call for buttermilk to give them a tender texture. But, most people don’t keep buttermilk lying around their refrigerator. A can of evaporated milk, however, lasts forever. Many of us, whether we know it or not, have one rattling around the back of their cabinet. What is Evaporated Milk? Evaporated milk is … Read more

Ube Mochi Pancake Recipe

Ube Mochi Pancakes

This Ube Mochi pancake recipe has a mildly sweet Ube flavor, vibrant purple color, and a slightly chewy texture. The perfect breakfast treat! A Very Short History of Ube Mochi Pancakes In Spring 2020, perhaps in a good-faith bid to cheer up Americans suffering through the depths of the pandemic, or perhaps as a follow-up … Read more

Confetti Pancakes Recipe

Confetti Pancakes Recipe

This confetti pancakes recipe combines classic pancakes with rainbow sprinkles, sweet glaze, and homemade whipped cream. We challenge you to find a better way to start your saturday morning. Who Invented this Confetti Pancakes Recipe? While we’re not too sure who had the genius idea of throwing rainbow sprinkles into regular pancake batter, it’s pretty … Read more

Mochi Pancake Recipe

Mochi Pancake Recipe

This mochi pancake recipe combines two of our favorite foods – mochi and pancakes! These chewy pancakes are one of our favorite breakfast treats. What is this Mochi Stuff? Mochi refers to mochiko flour, also known as mochi flour, glutinous rice flour, or Japanese sweet rice flour (phew!). To make mochiko flour, you grind up … Read more