Strawberry Brownies Recipe

strawberry brownies recipe

Have you every wished that you your dark chocolate strawberry truffle came in dessert, rather than candy form? Well, good news. This strawberry brownies recipe is the perfect thing. This sweet treat has the perfect flavor contrast between the rich, fudgy brownies, and three kinds of real strawberry flavor (jam, fresh strawberries, and freeze-dried strawberries). … Read more

Best One-Bowl Fudgy Brownie Recipe

brownie recipe without cocoa powder

Brownie lovers divide into two camps – lovers of cake brownies and lovers of deep dark fudgy brownies. This brownie recipe without cocoa powder relies on a lot of chocolate for its deep, dark, fudgy texture. A Short History of Brownies Like many great baked goods, brownies evolved over an extended period of time and … Read more

Oatmeal Crumble Topping Recipe

Oatmeal Crumble Topping Recipe

Every baker needs a foolproof oatmeal crumble topping recipe in their back pockets. With this recipe in hand, you can instantly whip up a delicious summer treat. Fruit Flavor Combinations While the classic British crumble has stewed apples on the bottom, we’ve found that just about any fruit variety tastes good when topped with an … Read more

Blackberry Scone Recipe

In peak blackberry season, the fruit is sweet and juicy and perfect for baking into just about anything, but especially this blackberry scone recipe. A Long History of Blackberries Humans have been eating blackberries since 8,000 BC. Native to Armenia, Blackberries spread across Europe like a weed. Blackberries arrived in America along with European colonists … Read more

Triple Chocolate Extravaganza: Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Mousse Cake

white chocolate mousse cake

We like to make this special dessert, which layers dark, milk, and white chocolate mousse cake, for extra festive occasions. Since the mousses are already quite rich, we skip the chocolate cake base for an all-mousse experience. A Short History of Commercial Chocolate-Making While the history of chocolate cultivation is long and complicated, the modern … Read more

Norwegian Sour Cream Waffle Recipe

sour cream waffle recipe

This sour cream waffle recipe will elevate your waffle experience. The addition of sour cream gives these waffles an extra tender texture and delicious tang. About this Norwegian Sour Cream Waffle Recipe In Norway, waffles are typically eaten in the afternoon as a snack, perhaps after a strenuous trek through the frozen woods or some … Read more

Chocolate Revel Bar Recipe

Chocolate revel bars consist in two layers of oatmeal cookie dough sandwiching a layer of dark chocolate fudge. This chocolate revel bar recipe holds up well on the road, making them the perfect to-go snack. A Short History of This Chocolate Revel Bar Recipe The history of chocolate revel bars is one of the shortest … Read more

Crumb Donut Recipe

Crumb Donut Recipe

This crumb donut recipe gives you the best of all worlds – a crumb cake taste and texture in an adorable and portable homemade donut shape. Save yourself a trip to the donut shop by making this special treat at home! Be sure to break this delicious donut in half to be sure all the … Read more

Double Chocolate Butter Cookies

Chocolate Butter Cookie Recipes

This chocolate butter cookie recipe is the logical next step once you’ve mastered Italian butter cookies. How can you improve on their crumbly, buttery deliciousness? Add some chocolate, obviously! A Short History of Chocolate Butter Cookies The origins of these crispy, buttery, chocolatey cookies are completely unknown. At some point, some genius must have added … Read more