Cherry Chip Scones

Cherry Scone Recipes

What are the best cherry scone recipes? The kind that have chocolate chips in them, obviously! Chocolate and Cherry for the Win! Chocolate and cherry are a pretty magical combination. Apparently the sweetness of the cherries and the bitterness of dark chocolate offset one another perfectly. The combination is so fantastic that chocolate covered cherries … Read more

A Scone Recipe Requiring No Egg

Craving scones but short an egg or two? Have egg allergies but still craving the best tasting scones? We’re here to help you out with a delicious, fluffy scone recipe with no egg, requiring just a few simple ingredients. Casting Scone Aspersions The internet is full of bloggers casting scone aspersions. Obviously, this is better … Read more

Nutella Swirl Waffle Recipe

What’s better than a crunchy, tender waffle? One with Nutella swirled through it, obviously. This Nutella waffle recipe comes together quickly for an easy, indulgent weekend breakfast. A Short History of Nutella Nutella, like so many great inventions, emerged from scarcity. In 1806, Napoleon’s continental system prevented British goods from entering French-controlled ports, putting cocoa … Read more

Poffertjes: A Mini Dutch Pancakes Recipe

Mini Dutch Pancakes Recipe

Do you prefer your pancakes petite and puffy? This mini Dutch pancakes recipe is for you. A Short History of Poffertjes At some point, Catholic monks in Southern Holland decided that those dry communion wafers just weren’t cutting it. We’re going to guess at some time around the Reformation, when there may have been some … Read more

A Waffle Recipe Without Baking Powder

Waffle Recipe Without Baking Powder

Picture this: It’s a typical Sunday morning and you’re craving waflles. You open your pantry and discover, to your horror, YOU DON’T HAVE ANY BAKING POWDER! Will you allow this grocery-shopping oversight to ruin your weekend, or can you come back from this setback and waffle again? Good news: With this easy waffle recipe without … Read more

Maui’s Best Banana Bread

Maui Banana Bread Recipe

Vacation in a pan alert! This Maui banana bread recipe will transport you to the lush island, without the expensive planefare. A Short History of Hawaiian Banana Bread Culinary historians believe that Polynesian explorers first brought bananas to Hawaii. Bananas, along with taro, sweet potatoes, and breadfruit, and fish, were the primary food staples in … Read more

Best Amish Cinnamon Bread Recipe

Amish Cinnamon Bread Recipe

This Amish cinnamon bread recipe is delightfully sweet and buttery with a cinnamon swirl running through it and over the top. A Short and Irrelevant History of Amish Cuisine The Amish are descendants of the Anabaptists, a Swiss religious sect that was part of the Protestant reformation in the 17th century. A group of Anabaptists, … Read more

Malted Waffle Recipe

Malted Waffle Recipe

This recipe relies on malted milk powder to deliver sweet, rich flavor and golden brown waffles with an extra crunchy exterior. A Short History of Malted Milk Powder The Horlicks brothers invented malted milk powder in 1873. They had emigrated from England to Wisconsin. Malted milk consists of a grain, typically barley, that has been … Read more