Triple Chocolate Extravaganza: Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Mousse Cake

white chocolate mousse cake

We like to make this special dessert, which layers dark, milk, and white chocolate mousse cake, for extra festive occasions. Since the mousses are already quite rich, we skip the chocolate cake base for an all-mousse experience. A Short History of Commercial Chocolate-Making While the history of chocolate cultivation is long and complicated, the modern … Read more

Chocolate Revel Bar Recipe

Chocolate revel bars consist in two layers of oatmeal cookie dough sandwiching a layer of dark chocolate fudge. This chocolate revel bar recipe holds up well on the road, making them the perfect to-go snack. A Short History of This Chocolate Revel Bar Recipe The history of chocolate revel bars is one of the shortest … Read more

Double Chocolate Butter Cookies

Chocolate Butter Cookie Recipes

This chocolate butter cookie recipe is the logical next step once you’ve mastered Italian butter cookies. How can you improve on their crumbly, buttery deliciousness? Add some chocolate, obviously! A Short History of Chocolate Butter Cookies The origins of these crispy, buttery, chocolatey cookies are completely unknown. At some point, some genius must have added … Read more

Banana Donut Recipe

Banana Donut Recipe

This baked banana donut recipe is the perfect way to use up leftover overripe bananas, on a morning where you just can’t quite make it to the donut shop for a special treat. These easy baked banana donuts have a sweet banana flavor and a fluffy texture, topped with a rich chocolate glaze. A Short … Read more

Baked Buttermilk Donut Recipe

Baked Buttermilk Donut Recipe

Do you love donuts but hate deep frying things? Or, do you just happen to have a donut pan gathering dust in your pantry? Either way this baked buttermilk donut recipe is for you. A Short History of Baked Donuts There is no such thing as a short history of the traditional fried donut; it … Read more

Rhubarb Dream Bar Recipe

Rhubarb Dream Bar Recipe

Are we alone in spending the winter dreaming of summer rhubarb? This rhubarb dream bar recipe showcases the best of summer rhubarb. It has layers of tender shortbread-like crust, creamy almond filling, and tart rhubarb tops. Rhubarb Dreams We acknowledge that while many of us dream of rhubarb, we might each have our own rhubarb … Read more

Apple Scones Recipe

Apple scones recipe

This apple scones recipe uses shredded apples to give a light sweet apple-y flavor to traditional homemade scones. These buttery scones make for a perfect special treat on a fall morning. A Short History of Scones and Apples England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales all claim to have invented the scone. The Oxford English Dictionary reports … Read more