Waffles A La Elvis: A Peanut Butter Waffle Recipe

Peanut Butter Waffle Recipe

This peanut butter waffle recipe, which tastes best topped with sliced bananas, is dedicated to Elvis, who loved peanut butter unconditionally. This easy breakfast recipe comes together quickly with just a few simple ingredients. A Short History of Elvis and Peanut Butter While some might remember Elvis for his music, or his hip-swinging dance moves, … Read more

Marmorkuchen Recipe (German Marble Cake)

This marmorkuchen recipe produces a moist swirled chocolate and and white chocolate bundt cake. The technique for this pretty cake is very simple – by running a knife through two different colors of cake batters, you create a marbled effect. A Short History of Marmorkuchen Marmorkuchen, like so many other wonderful cakes, first emerged in … Read more

Strawberry-Raspberry Oatmeal Bar Recipe

Raspberry Oatmeal Bar Recipe

This strawberry-raspberry oatmeal bar recipe is yet another perfect recipe for a summer picnic. It essentially consists of a layer of fruit sandwiched between two layers of oatmeal cookie batter. The buttery crust is softer and more cookie-like than the traditional crumbly topping. Does life get any sweeter? A Short History of Oatmeal Cookies American … Read more

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Recipe

If you’ve ever wanted your Nutella to manifest in cake form, this rich choc hazelnut cake is for you. A Short History of Chocolate and Hazelnut The region around Turin has long been known for both its hazelnut production, and its chocolate confectionery. Turin was one of the earliest European chocolate-producing centers. Emmanuel Philibert, Duke … Read more

Spookiest Halloween Real Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Real Red Velvet Cake Recipe

We’ve adapted our favorite real red velvet cake recipe for Halloween. For the holiday, our favorite red velvet cake is festooned with adorable meringue ghosts. A creamy whipped cream cheese frosting hides the blood red insides. SPOOOOOKY and delicious! A Short History of This Real Red Velvet Cake Recipe Some key facts: in the 19th … Read more

Baked Chocolate Mini Donut Recipe

chocolate mini donut recipe

This chocolate mini donut recipe is for those of us who believe that if we make smaller baked goods, we will consume fewer calories. We will leave it to you to decide whether this works for you! A Short History of Mini Donuts While we think of mini donuts as quite ubiquitous, and perhaps (erroneously) … Read more

Nutella Bars Recipe

Tired of simply spooning Nutella straight from the jar into your mouth? This Nutella bars recipe will allow you to consume your weight in Nutella in a much more elegant fashion. This perfect dessert consists in a layer of gooey Nutella sandwiched between layers of crispy shortbread cookie dough. The hardest part of this easy … Read more