Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Recipe

If you’ve ever wanted your Nutella to manifest in cake form, this rich choc hazelnut cake is for you. A Short History of Chocolate and Hazelnut The region around Turin has long been known for both its hazelnut production, and its chocolate confectionery. Turin was one of the earliest European chocolate-producing centers. Emmanuel Philibert, Duke … Read more

Best Chocolate Chip Waffle Recipe

chocolate chip waffle recipe

There isn’t much of a secret to this chocolate chip waffles recipe. Simply combine our favorite classic buttermilk waffles recipe with chocolate chips for the perfect fluffy waffles studded with melty chocolate chips. This is an all-time favorite breakfast in our house. A Short History of Chocolate Chips In modern baking, we sometimes take chocolate … Read more

Triple Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Triple Chocolate Brownies Recipe

What’s better than a chocolate brownie? This triple chocolate brownies recipe. It’s got all the goodness of a chocolate brownie x 3 and is chocolate lovers dream. A Short History of Brownies You probably didn’t know this, but brownies aren’t technically a cake. Horrifying, right? They’re a finger food — they were made to be … Read more

Mochi Pancake Recipe

Mochi Pancake Recipe

This mochi pancake recipe combines two of our favorite foods – mochi and pancakes! These chewy pancakes are one of our favorite breakfast treats. What is this Mochi Stuff? Mochi refers to mochiko flour, also known as mochi flour, glutinous rice flour, or Japanese sweet rice flour (phew!). To make mochiko flour, you grind up … Read more

Chocolate Bombs: An Adorable DIY Hot Chocolate Kit

DIY Hot Chocolate Kit

The best way to win friends and influence people? Give them this adorable DIY hot chocolate kit. These chocolate bombs make the perfect gift any time of year. They are especially great around the holiday season and, of course, Valentine’s day! You can include cute mugs with the gift if you’re feeling extra friendly. The … Read more

Chocolate Waffle Recipe

Waffles vs Pancakes

Do you love waffles but wish they were a bit more…well, chocolatey? We have that problem, too. So, today we’re sharing our favorite chocolate waffle recipe. About this Chocolate Waffle Recipe This chocolate waffle recipe seems to have traveled far from its Belgian origins. Belgian waffles were traditionally leavened with yeast and contain unholy amounts … Read more