What is the Best Cookie Scoop?

Are you like us? Do you spend every day pondering different cookie varieties? Are you scooping cookies in your dreams? In that case, you definitely deserve (and need!) the best cookie scoops around.

Emerson is often quoted as having said “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”. But, let’s face, Emerson must not have been a baker. Bakers LOVE consistency. There is no such thing as foolish consistency in baking. Why? Because consistency produces consistent results. No one wants a cookie recipe that sometimes works. We want one that produces perfect cookies every time. One of the keys to consistent baking is consistent sizes. If your cookies are all the same size, they will bake at the same speed at a predictable rate. The cookie scoop is a key weapon in the fight for baking consistency, second only to the baker’s scale.

What Size Should I Get?

We like to match various sizes of scoops to different sizes of cookie. Baci di Dama are dainty and petite. The right size here is a small scoop. American-style chocolate chip cookies, however, were made to be large and in charge. A large size is the perfect size. Our large cookie scoop is also a great size for portioning muffins or pancake batter consistently. And then, of course, a medium size is perfect for drop cookies that get rolled in sugar or sprinkles, like our favorite chocolate crinkle sprinkle cookies, and our brown sugar cookies.

What Do Those Numbers Mean?

Cookie scoops come in numbered sizes (from 100 to 10, with 100, confusingly, being the smallest). The number indicates both the diameter of the bowl, and the volume of cookie dough that fits inside it:

Small Size Cookie Scoop (#60): 1 tablespoon of dough /1 inch diameter (roughly the size of melon balls)

Medium Size Cookie Scoop (#40): 1 1/3 tablespoons of dough/ 2 1/2 inch diamenter

Large Size Cookie Scoop (#20): 3 tablespoons of dough/ 3 1/2 inch diameter

For a more detailed analysis, check out this excellent visual from Baker’s Brigade.

1) Spring-loaded handle

A spring-loaded mechanism allows you to eject the cookie with minimal effort. This is key if you’re going to be scooping a lot of cookies, and especially important with sticky or tough doughs, both of which need a little extra oomph on their release mechanism to be ejected from the cookie scoop. No one wants a tired hand or wrist after a full day of baking.

2) Ergonomic design

If you’re going to be sitting there scooping cookies, the scoop needs to fit comfortably in your hand and require minimum muscular use to scoop the cookie out. A comfortable grip (and soft material, ideally with a non-slip grip, as opposed to hard metal) is key here. No one wants to get carpal tunnel (or a blister) from scooping cookies!

4) Food grade materials

A great cookie scoop should be made of high-quality stainless steel, and should have a non-slip grip on the handle.

It’s hard to pick the best option but here are some notes!

The Jenaluca cookie scoop set comes with elegant packaging and a price point to match. These are well made cookie scoops, but their all stainless-steel design made them less comfortable.

Solula wins the prize for widest array of cookie sizes, so if you were looking to make an extra-small cookies, extra-large cookies, or anything in between, Solula has you covered. Solula is made of durable food-grade materials, with an impressively strong spring action at a mid-range price point.

We LOVE oxo products. They tend to be priced in the midpoint but with very high quality relative to price. These are very well made, durable, with a pleasant and durable ergonomic design. We particularly appreciate the springy rubber material that lines the handle. After heavy usage, our oxo cookie scoop is continuing to scoop on, making it a good option for non-professional bakers looking for durable equipment.

We love Wilton piping and cake decorating gear, but have not been impressed with the quality of their cookie equipment. We found the Wilton a little flimsy, and the lack of soft grips made the scooping process uncomfortable. This is among the lowest priced options however.

Kitchenaid’s cookie scoop is slightly lower priced and many reviewers complained of quality control issues. If kitchen tool aesthetics are your jam, it is the only cookie scoop to come in an adorable aqua sky color, however.

Now that you’ve mastered the ins and outs of this handy tool, it’s time to whip out your baking sheet.