Shopping Corner for Bakers

Great baking is about great tools. Here are our favorite baking tools to ensure that every cake, cookie, and muffin comes out perfectly!

A sturdy half sheet pan and a silicone baking mat, along with a cookie scoop set wll ensure that every cookie turns out perfectly.

Best muffin tools:

Our silicone muffin and mini-muffin pans are muffin superheros, leaving no muffin crumb (much less half muffin!) behind.

Best scone and biscuit tools:

A sturdy pastry blender and aluminum rolling pin are the secret to the flakiest biscuits and scones.

Best cake tools:

Parchment paper and a well-greased 8-inch springform pan ensure that no cake ever sticks again.

An adjustable cake mold and a roll of acetate make beautiful fancy French mousse cakes.

A set of piping tips and disposable piping bags make beautiful cake decorations and well-trimmed cookies. A sturdy cake stand, cake scrapers, and a set of offset spatulas, ensure that cakes look as professional as they taste.

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