Pannekoek: A South African Pancake Recipe

South African Pancake Recipe

This South African Pancake Recipe produces delicious thin pancakes that are a bit like a cross between French crepes and American pancakes. A Short History of the Pannekoek Pannekoek are the obvious descendants of Pannenkoek, or a Dutch pancake (not to be confused with a Dutch baby). Pannekoek clearly arrived in South Africa with the … Read more

Sand Tart Cookie Recipe

Sand Tart Cookie Recipe

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the sand tart cookie recipe. It’s unclear, for example where they came from, or why we call them sand tarts. What is clear, however, is that they are very delicious. A Very Short History of the Sand Tart Cookie Recipe We know very little about sand tart cookies other … Read more

A Cinnamon Roll Recipe Without Milk or Yeast

cinnamon roll recipe without milk

This cinnamon roll recipe without milk or yeast delivers a delicious breakfast treat in a fraction of the time. Happy Swedes and Their Cinnamon Rolls Happy Kannebullens Dag! Yep, did you realize that in Sweden they love cinnamon rolls so much that they have an official day (October 4th) to celebrate their existence. The average … Read more