The Best Brussels Waffle Recipe

Brussels Waffle Recipe

Want to make homemade belgian waffles without baking powder? Try this brussels waffle recipe, which relies on yeast and sparkling water as a leavening agent, instead. A Short History of this Brussels Waffle Recipe The history of waffles in Belgium is long and illustrious. The first written mention of waffles can be dated back to … Read more

Chocolate Waffle Recipe

Waffles vs Pancakes

Do you love waffles but wish they were a bit more…well, chocolatey? We have that problem, too. So, today we’re sharing our favorite chocolate waffle recipe. About this Chocolate Waffle Recipe This chocolate waffle recipe seems to have traveled far from its Belgian origins. Belgian waffles were traditionally leavened with yeast and contain unholy amounts … Read more

Liege Waffle Recipe Without Pearl Sugar

Liege Waffle Recipe Without Pearl Sugar

This Liege waffle recipe without pearl sugar allows us to enjoy Belgian waffles without the hassle of buying Belgian pearl sugar. Belgian Waffles in American While American waffles have a long and storied history in the United States, we owe Maurice Vermersch, an enterprising Belgian, for the re-introduction of Belgian-style waffles to America a the … Read more