Chocolate Diamond Cookies: Queen of the French Cookie Recipes

French Cookie Recipes

This chocolate diamond cookie is the queen of French cookie recipes, giving its more famous sisters, the madeleine and the macaron, a run for their money. About French Cookie Recipes While French dessert recipes are legendary, French culture is not known for its cookies. Friends in France, in fact, complain about the dearth of decent … Read more

Chocolate Cherry Cookies Recipe

chocolate cherry cookies recipe

We love the combination of chocolate, cherry, and almond flavors. This chocolate cherry cookies recipe delivers all three. A crunchy, buttery, shortbread dough envelops all these flavors. This cookie recipe relies on maraschino cherry for an almondy-cherry flavor. With cheery red flecks, this easy recipe is perfect for the holiday season, valentine’s day, or really … Read more

Luck of the Irish Mint Chocolate Rolled Cake Recipe

Chocolate Rolled Cake Recipe

This is the first lucky chocolate rolled cake recipe we have ever found. This cake rolled without sticking together or splitting! Hooray! Rolled Cakes…ARGH!!!! We have historically not had the best luck with chocolate cake roll recipes. They seem a bit more finicky than their vanilla counterparts and we have often resorted to turning shredded … Read more

Marshmallow Cookie Recipe

Marshmallow Cookie Recipe

This marshmallow cookie recipe throws some luscious marshmallows into your favorite chocolate chip cookies. The result is a chewy cookie, studded with chocolate, with a gooey center courtesy of the melted marshmallow. The best thing about these cookies is that they require only a handful of basic ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. … Read more

Banana Chocolate Chip Scone

banana chocolate chip scone

Today we’re introducing the banana chocolate chip scone; combining two family favorites – banana bread and chocolate chip scones – into one delicious morning treat. About this Banana Chocolate Chip Scone Recipe You’ve heard us wax lyrical before about our ongoing love of rotting bananas and their many baking uses. Today, we wanted to share … Read more

Best of the Mini Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipes (Small Batch)

mini chocolate chip muffin recipes

Who knew that there was so much competition to be the best of the mini chocolate chip muffin recipes? Well, there is. And, here it is. About Small-Batch Mini Muffins We often make muffins on the weekends as a special treat for our kids. Our kids are young, so patience is a muscle that they … Read more