Halfmoon Cookie Recipe

Halfmoon Cookie Recipe

If you’ve ever googled either a black and white or a halfmoon cookie recipe, you’ll find a lot of smack talking. There is a war going on between the residents of Utica, New York, and the bakers of New York City. It is possible that it is a one-sided war, that only the residents of … Read more

Halloween Black and White Cookie Recipe

Black and White Cookie Recipe

A few drops of orange food coloring transform these iconic New York cookies into a Halloween treat. Enjoy this seasonal New York black and white cookie recipe! A Short History of the Black and White Cookie Recipe Much ink has been spilled on the topic of New York City’s iconic black and white cookies. While … Read more

Jam Thumbprint Almond Flour Cookie Recipe

almond flour cookie recipe

This delicious almond flour cookie recipe will keep in an airtight container for several days. These soft cookies are dedicated to all of our friends with gluten allergies and pots of leftover jam in their fridge. Please don’t assume that gluten free cookie recipes with almond flour are healthy, however. Take a look at the … Read more