Triple Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Triple Chocolate Brownies Recipe

What’s better than a chocolate brownie? This triple chocolate brownies recipe. It’s got all the goodness of a chocolate brownie x 3 and is chocolate lovers dream. A Short History of Brownies You probably didn’t know this, but brownies aren’t technically a cake. Horrifying, right? They’re a finger food — they were made to be … Read more

Chocolate Bombs: An Adorable DIY Hot Chocolate Kit

DIY Hot Chocolate Kit

The best way to win friends and influence people? Give them this adorable DIY hot chocolate kit. These chocolate bombs make the perfect gift any time of year. They are especially great around the holiday season and, of course, Valentine’s day! You can include cute mugs with the gift if you’re feeling extra friendly. The … Read more

Stamped Brownie Cookies: Best of the Chocolate Cookie Recipes With Cocoa Powder

Chocolate Cookie Recipes With Cocoa Powder

We love chocolate cookie recipes with cocoa powder. You can satisfy your chocolate craving without the mess and fuss of melting chocolate (or, in our case, occasionally scalding chocolate in the microwave). This chocolate cookie recipe also wins extra points for cuteness. These chewy chocolate cookies can be topped with a vanilla or peppermint flavored … Read more

An Easy Cookie Recipe Without Butter: Inside Out Cookies

easy cookie recipe without butter

This easy cookie recipe without butter requires only a few simple ingredients. In a few minutes, you’ll have a dense, fudgy chocolatey bite studded with white chocolate chips. A Short History of the Cookie (With and Without Butter) The earliest recorded cookie recipe, dating from Elizabethan England, relies on butter, along with sugar and spices … Read more

Traditional Black Forest Cake Recipe

Traditional Black Forest Cake Recipe

This is a traditional black forest cake recipe. This dark fudgy cake is layered with whipped cream and cherries. A Short History of Black Forest Cake Culinary historians debate the origins of black forest cake. Some attribute it to the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany. This area is famous for its sour cherries and … Read more

Best Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe For All Occasions

Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe

This dark chocolate cake recipe is our house favorite. It’s pictured here with a nest of chocolate eggs for easter, but it’s the star of every holiday! About This Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe Like so many of the best things in life, this cake incredibly flexible.  It can stand up to a range of toppings, … Read more