Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Meringue Cookies

Meringue Cookies

These meringue cookies are tinted pink and piped in a heart shape for an adorable Valentine’s Day treat. In this post, we’ll also answer all of your burning meringue cookie recipe questions: How long do meringue cookies last? Can you make meringue cookies without cream of tartar? How you should store your meringue cookies? A … Read more

Ghost Cupcakes

ghost cupcakes

These ghost cupcakes have a vanilla base with a fudgy chocolate frosting, some oreo dirt, and some ghostly spirits. Celebrating Ghoulishness We first visited our current neighborhood a few weekends before Halloween and were struck by how obsessed the residents seemed to be with the holiday. Our previous house had been on a busy street … Read more

Gaston Lenotre’s Concorde: A Fancy French Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

chocolate mousse cake recipe

The Concorde combines meringues and chocolate mousse to win the prize for fanciest chocolate mousse cake recipe. A Short History of This Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe This French Chocolate mousse cake is known in some circles as a Concorde. It is, to us, the perfect dessert for a party. The cake is festive looking and … Read more