Banana Cake (Zebra-Style)

Banana Cake

How can you make regular banana bread even better? Swirl it with chocolate cake batter to make an amazing banana cake, the world’s tastiest and most adorable breakfast treat! Zebra Style It’s easy to trace the history of marbled cakes — long, fascinating, seemingly German in origin — we’ll come back to this soon! Traditional … Read more

Brownie Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brownie Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies

Can’t pick between a brownie and a cookie? We understand; that happens to us, too. This recipe combines them both into delicious brownie mix chocolate chip cookies. About this Brownie Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe This recipe takes a homemade brownie recipe and dollops it into chocolate chip cookies. This makes a brownie more convenient … Read more

A Cinnamon Roll Recipe Without Milk or Yeast

cinnamon roll recipe without milk

This cinnamon roll recipe without milk or yeast delivers a delicious breakfast treat in a fraction of the time. Happy Swedes and Their Cinnamon Rolls Happy Kannebullens Dag! Yep, did you realize that in Sweden they love cinnamon rolls so much that they have an official day (October 4th) to celebrate their existence. The average … Read more

Spookiest Halloween Dirt Cake Recipe

Halloween Dirt Cake

This Halloween Dirt Cake Recipe is the star of our Halloween celebrations. It’s rich and chocolatey, and very, very silly. It’s Halloween Baking Month!!! Halloween is coming. Do you know what the best thing about Halloween is (other than pets in totally ridiculous costumes)? Halloween Desserts! We stockpile recipes all year round to adequately prepare … Read more

German Apple Cake

german apple cake

This german apple cake recipe sandwiches fresh apples between a dense cakey crust and a gooey custard topping. Best served with warm with some whipped cream on the side and a cup of coffee. Apple Season! It’s almost the end of September, which means it’s apple season. Apple season is quickly followed by decorative gourd … Read more

Anniversary Orange Almond Bundt Cake Recipe

Orange Almond Bundt Cake

Today we’re making a delightful bundt cake recipe featuring one of our favorite flavor combinations — oranges, almond, and chocolate. About this Bundt Cake Recipe We have previously waxed lyrical about our favorite 6-cup bundt cake pan, so please forgive the repeat. We love how adorable bundts look with minimal decoration. This beautiful cake is … Read more

Gluten Free Muffin Recipe

gluten free muffin recipe

We’ve been on a crazy breakfast baked good run recently, mostly focused on bananas. Today we’re baking our favorite gluten free muffin recipe. This one relies on oat flour for a mild, sweet flavor. It’s super quick and easy, and (like everything in life) tastes better with some chocolate chips thrown in. Gluten Free Baking … Read more