Coffee-Chocolate Marble Cake: A Moist Marble Cake Recipe With Oil

Moist Marble Cake Recipe with Oil

This moist marble cake recipe with oil combines some of our favorite flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and coffee into one delicious treat! The chocolate flavor comes from cocoa powder and a little bit of expresso. Marble Cakes and the Eat Dessert First Sisters We first encountered a marble cake while on a family vacation in … Read more

Anniversary Orange Almond Bundt Cake Recipe

Orange Almond Bundt Cake

Today we’re making a delightful bundt cake recipe featuring one of our favorite flavor combinations — oranges, almond, and chocolate. About this Bundt Cake Recipe We have previously waxed lyrical about our favorite 6-cup bundt cake pan, so please forgive the repeat. We love how adorable bundts look with minimal decoration. This beautiful cake is … Read more

Jam Thumbprint Almond Flour Cookie Recipe

almond flour cookie recipe

This delicious almond flour cookie recipe will keep in an airtight container for several days. These soft cookies are dedicated to all of our friends with gluten allergies and pots of leftover jam in their fridge. Please don’t assume that gluten free cookie recipes with almond flour are healthy, however. Take a look at the … Read more

Gaston Lenotre’s Concorde: A Fancy French Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

chocolate mousse cake recipe

The Concorde combines meringues and chocolate mousse to win the prize for fanciest chocolate mousse cake recipe. A Short History of This Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe This French Chocolate mousse cake is known in some circles as a Concorde. It is, to us, the perfect dessert for a party. The cake is festive looking and … Read more

New Orleans Berry Chantilly Cake Recipe

chantilly cake recipe

This is our best berry chantilly cake recipe. A New Orleans newspaper interviewed original Whole Foods baker, who invented this cake combination. The recipe left some details to the imagination, so we’ve clarified it as much as possible here. About New Orleans Chantilly Cake Recipe We are embarrassed to say that we first met this … Read more

Nutella Amaretti Sandwich Cookies

bakery style italian amaretti cookies recipe

What’s better than a bakery style Italian amaretti cookies recipe? One that involves sandwiching said chewy amaretti cookies with nutella, obviously. A Short History of Amaretti Cookies There are two conflcting tales surrounding the origins of amaretti cookies. A more romantic version tells of the arrival of a bishop to the town of Saronno in … Read more

Meet the Team

This is the story of three sisters with insatiable sweet tooths.  Where, you might ask, did their sweet tooths come from? Well, the three sisters’ father loved to tell stories about his childhood.  A favorite tale was about his mother’s Devil’s Food Cake.  His mother was not a great baker, but her Devil’s Food Cake … Read more

Oatmeal Crumble Topping Recipe

Oatmeal Crumble Topping Recipe

Every baker needs a foolproof oatmeal crumble topping recipe in their back pockets. With this recipe in hand, you can instantly whip up a delicious summer treat. Fruit Flavor Combinations While the classic British crumble has stewed apples on the bottom, we’ve found that just about any fruit variety tastes good when topped with an … Read more