Cinnamon Chip Scone Recipe

This cinnamon chip scone recipe allows you to infuse your scone with flecks of cinnamon sugar deliciousness. A Very Short History of Cinnamon Baking Chips The only thing harder to find that cinnamon chips themselves is the history of the cinnamon chip. What genius combined cinnamon, shortening, and corn syrup to make a delicious little … Read more

Baked Chocolate Mini Donut Recipe

chocolate mini donut recipe

This chocolate mini donut recipe is for those of us who believe that if we make smaller baked goods, we will consume fewer calories. We will leave it to you to decide whether this works for you! A Short History of Mini Donuts While we think of mini donuts as quite ubiquitous, and perhaps (erroneously) … Read more

Baked Chocolate Donut Recipe

Baked Chocolate Donut Recipe

Who says you can’t eat chocolate cake for breakfast? This baked chocolate donut recipe will allow you to have your cake and eat it too, for breakfast! Should You Eat Cake For Breakfast? A Scientific Analysis A controversial Israeli study from 2012 may have successfully proved that it is better to eat breakfast for dessert. … Read more

Apple Scones Recipe

Apple scones recipe

This apple scones recipe uses shredded apples to give a light sweet apple-y flavor to traditional homemade scones. These buttery scones make for a perfect special treat on a fall morning. A Short History of Scones and Apples England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales all claim to have invented the scone. The Oxford English Dictionary reports … Read more

Triple Chocolate Banana Bundt Cake

This banana bundt cake recipe uses oil, rather than butter for an extra moist crumb. We like our banana bundt cake with all of the chocolates — chocolate chips in the batter, chocolate ganache glaze, and chocolate chips sprinkled on top! All About Ganache The chocolate ganache is the secret ingredient that really makes this … Read more

Cherry Chip Scones

Cherry Scone Recipes

What are the best cherry scone recipes? The kind that have chocolate chips in them, obviously! Chocolate and Cherry for the Win! Chocolate and cherry are a pretty magical combination. Apparently the sweetness of the cherries and the bitterness of dark chocolate offset one another perfectly. The combination is so fantastic that chocolate covered cherries … Read more

Roasted Strawberry Scones

Roasted Strawberry Scones

These roasted strawberry scones are the perfect antidote to winter. The strawberries become luscious and jammy after a quick trip to the oven, and really make these scones shine. Roasted Strawberries – A Baker’s Answer to Winter We grew up in California, spending a lot of time in the Central Valley, America’s fruit bowl. Watsonville, … Read more

Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin Scones

This pumpkin scone recipe has a savory base and a two kinds of sweet glazes. About this Recipe Starbucks has so thoroughly marketed pumpkin spice flavor, that we originally thought of pumpkin spice scones as an American recipe. However, we were thrilled to discover that credit for the idea of adding pumpkin puree to a … Read more

Banana Chocolate Chip Scone

banana chocolate chip scone

Today we’re introducing the banana chocolate chip scone; combining two family favorites – banana bread and chocolate chip scones – into one delicious morning treat. About this Banana Chocolate Chip Scone Recipe You’ve heard us wax lyrical before about our ongoing love of rotting bananas and their many baking uses. Today, we wanted to share … Read more