Almond Apple Kuchen Recipe

Apple Kuchen Recipe

This is a very traditional German cake recipe, with a classic flavor combination of apples and almonds. This almond apple kuchen is made with almond paste, which gives it a very moist and tender crumb. About This Almond Apple Kuchen Recipe This almond apple kuchen recipe is adapted from Luisa Weiss’s marvelous Classic German Baking … Read more

Luck of the Irish Mint Chocolate Rolled Cake Recipe

Chocolate Rolled Cake Recipe

This is the first lucky chocolate rolled cake recipe we have ever found. This cake rolled without sticking together or splitting! Hooray! Rolled Cakes…ARGH!!!! We have historically not had the best luck with chocolate cake roll recipes. They seem a bit more finicky than their vanilla counterparts and we have often resorted to turning shredded … Read more

Ube Flan Cake Recipe

Ube Flan Cake Recipe

This ube flan cake recipe comes to us from the Philippines. It’s a wonderful amagalm of textures and flavors – a mild, soft ube cake topped with a thin layer of leche flan (Filipino creme caramel or flan). What is Ube? Ube is a purple yam originally from the Philippines. It has a mild sweet … Read more

Trinidad Sponge Cake Recipe

Trinidad Sponge Cake Recipe

This Trinidad sponge cake recipe is light and fluffy, with a mildly spiced flavor. It’s a very quick and easy bake — the perfect simple recipe for a midweek treat. A Short History of this Trinidad Sponge Cake Recipe Although we call it a sponge, this delicious cake is actually a pound cake. Pound cake … Read more

Coffee-Chocolate Marble Cake: A Moist Marble Cake Recipe With Oil

Moist Marble Cake Recipe with Oil

This moist marble cake recipe with oil combines some of our favorite flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and coffee into one delicious treat! The chocolate flavor comes from cocoa powder and a little bit of expresso. Marble Cakes and the Eat Dessert First Sisters We first encountered a marble cake while on a family vacation in … Read more

Rolled Chestnut Cake Recipe

Chestnut Cake Recipe

This rolled chestnut cake recipe is the perfect festive winter treat, highlighting the decadent flavor of French Crème de Marrons. Wintry Chestnut Treats When we lived in Paris as teenagers, chestnuts abounded. In the winter, you could buy a paper cone full of roasted chestnuts on street corners to warm your fingers as you walked … Read more

Pistachio Dessert Recipe

Pistachio Dessert Recipe

This pistachio dessert recipe brings a level of sophistication to a dessert category (generally featuring the vibrantly green color of instant pistachio pudding mix and whipped topping in honor of St. Patrick’s day) that can use some help. You’re welcome, world. Pistachio Passion We have had a life-long love affair with pistachio nuts. It all … Read more