Easy Homemade Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies With No Fortune

These easy homemade fortune cookies put you in control. Will you create your own fortunes, or fill your fortune cookies with no fortune? A Short History of Fortune Cookies No meal at a Chinese restaurant in the United States is complete without a handful of fortune cookies arriving along with the check. We think of … Read more

Welcome Home Oatmeal Cookies Without Butter

oatmeal cookie recipe without butter

You make this oatmeal cooking with oil, instead of butter. Using oil instead makes the dough come together in a snap with minimal equipment. You’ll be rewarded with delicious chewy oatmeal cookies with almost no effort. About This Recipe There are times in life when you just need a cookie, but you just don’t have … Read more

Italian Butter Cookie Recipe

Italian Butter Cookie Recipe

This Italian butter cookie recipe will bring you back to your favorite Italian-American bakery. These crispy cookies can be coated with chocolate, sandwiched with jam, dusted with sprinkles, or anything in between. A Short History of the Italian Butter Cookie We have some bad news for you. Here goes: the thing we know and love … Read more

Butterball Cookie Recipe

Butterball Cookie Recipe

Butterball is one of many names for these dead simple sugar cookies. We like our butterball cookie recipe without nuts. However, if you prefer, you can fold in the nuts of your choice. Pecan is traditional, but walnut and pine nut are equally good. A Short History of Butterball Cookies The origins of this recipe … Read more

Chocolate Cherry Cookies Recipe

chocolate cherry cookies recipe

We love the combination of chocolate, cherry, and almond flavors. This chocolate cherry cookies recipe delivers all three. A crunchy, buttery, shortbread dough envelops all these flavors. This cookie recipe relies on maraschino cherry for an almondy-cherry flavor. With cheery red flecks, this easy recipe is perfect for the holiday season, valentine’s day, or really … Read more

Leftover Oatmeal Cookies

Leftover Oatmeal Cookie

We like to cook up big vats of oatmeal on weekday mornings, which means that we often end up with extra oatmeal. We hate wasting food, and these leftover oatmeal cookies are a great way to use up anything left at the bottom of the pot. Who invented this recipe? There’s no written record of … Read more

Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies

Brown Sugar Cookies No Butter

We make our brown sugar cookies with no butter, since the oil gives them a soft, chewy texture. These easy drop cookies get dusted with white sugar (because, really, is there such a thing as too much sugar?) for some extra crunch and sparkle. What is Brown Sugar? Brown sugar is simply white sugar mixed … Read more

White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies Recipe

White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies Recipe

This white chocolate raspberry cookies recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. These cookies use a traditional chocolate chip cookie base, but replace the dark chocolate chips with raspberries and white chocolate chunks. The super sweet white chocolate chips are perfectly balanced by the tangy raspberry pieces. A Short History of White Chocolate … Read more